This Is Why We’re Excited About KidMin. Are You?

Did you know the quality of your children’s ministry can make or break a new visitor’s desire to return to your church? It impacts your ability to retain current members, too.

64% of adults say that spiritual programming for children and teens is a major factor when choosing a place of worship. A healthy children’s ministry clearly leads to a healthy church, yet KidMin is often overlooked for a range of reasons. One of the most common? Budget restrictions.

Most churches want a dynamic, bright space that invites children in and makes them feel welcome. In fact, over 60% of churches we surveyed plan to update their KidMin area in the next three years. That’s encouraging! The catch? Over 50% of respondents have a budget of less that $1,000 to do so.

We believe our littlest churchgoers deserve a high level of though and care put into their Sunday experience. Helping them know and delight in the love of Jesus at an early age will guide them through the rest of their spiritual lives.

That’s why we’re thrilled to launch our new children’s ministry line at Outreach. We designed nine collections of KidMin decorations to help even the smallest churches create spaces that kids and parents can be excited about.

You can redo one room of your children’s ministry or all of them. There’s a design collection for every age range from nursery to late elementary school.

These collections have everything from peel-and-stick wall art to directional signs and banners (not to mention some great curriculum options). They’re all designed to help you make a lasting impact on the kids in your church. We want to help you reach out to those outside your church, too. That’s why we have two great VBS collections to help you impact kids from your church and surrounding community this summer.

Ready to see the designs?

Six collections are Outreach KidMin originals, and three collections have some of your kids’ favorite brands — Veggie Tales, The Jesus Storybook Bible, and The Action Bible!

Here’s a peek — head to to see the full collections in detail!

woodland friends theme children's ministry decor from outreach

ocean buddies theme children's ministry decor from outreach

veggie tales theme children's ministry decor from outreach

scripture squad theme children's ministry decor from outreach

jesus storybook bible theme children's ministry decor from outreach


action bible theme children's ministry decor from outreach

bright meadow theme children's ministry decor from outreach

kidz zone marquee theme children's ministry decor from outreach

So, are you excited yet? It gets even better.

To celebrate the launch of our children’s ministry line, we’re throwing a KidMin makeover contest! All you have to do is enter is tell us why you feel your church deserves a KidMin makeover.

One winner will choose THREE of their favorite design collections and receive one stickup wall scene, two stickup art banners, and two stickup shapes for EACH collection. That means you can makeover three different KidMin spaces!

Entries open on April 16, so be sure to head to to tell us why your church’s KidMin space needs some love. Easy, right? We can’t wait to hear your story!