spring church event ideas

Spring Church Event Ideas to Build Attendance!

Spring is in the air (or will be soon) and while it’s important to concentrate on the big event on the calendar, Easter, it’s also a great time to plan other spring church event ideas. Exciting events boost attendance and increase your church’s visibility in the community.

Getting Your Spring Outreach Started

Begin hosting events early in the season. Build momentum so your visitors and member will always have a reason to be enthusiastic. Keep it going all the way to summer by bridging your events together with an integrated strategy. Send out postcards, share on social media, canvas with door hangers—use every tool to keep your church and events top-of-mind! Always announce your next event at the current event (and on current event materials), so guests know there is more to look forward to all season long. And, in all your promotion efforts, be sure to answer the question every guest asks: What’s in it for me?

Engaging Spring Church Event Ideas

Launch a Sermon Series

Although Easter is the most-attended church event of the year, it won’t occur until April 16 this year. Don’t wait until then to host your first spring event. You’ll lose too many opportunities to invite your community to your church. Instead, plan a series for the weeks leading up to Easter. Look for felt needs in your community and expand on them (marriage, finances, parenting are all great topics). Or, speak on hot topics or events in society (popular movies like The Shack provide a great opportunity).

Invite your neighbors to attend your series by sending a postcard invitation, posting a banner outside your church and asking your members to pass out door hangers or personal invitations to their friends.

Host a Church Movie Night

Movie nights are an easy, no-pressure way to invite people to attend your church. People love an affordable evening of entertainment and you can provide that right in your community. Pick a theme like Family Night, Date Night, Comedy Night, or Faith Answers. Choose a film that is high quality and engaging, so your guests will be entertained. There are multiple wholesome flicks to choose from, so don’t be concerned you won’t find a good one. You can make the evening extra special by offering refreshments or changing up the venue and screening your film on the lawn picnic style.

Hold a Spring Family Festival

When considering spring church event ideas that will help you meet your neighbors, there’s no better “Get to Know You” gathering than a family festival. It offers a fun and exciting way for members and visitors to get to know one another in a relaxed, casual environment. Be sure to host it on a Sunday after church is over, which has the added benefit of increasing your sermon attendance. Give out carnival tickets to everyone who comes to your services that morning to use on games, as well as free tickets for a meal like hot dogs or hamburgers. To encourage attendance, share your festival with a big outdoor banner a week or two in advance. You can also share it on Facebook and ask your members to share the invite on their personal pages.

Service Day

One of the best ways to get noticed in your community is to be an active member outside your church building. Coming alongside other charities, identifying needs you can meet and sending volunteers out are great ways to build good will and demonstrate the love of God in a hands-on way. As the weather warms up, considering hosting a Service Day where people from your church go out and help the community. Partner with other organizations or generate an in-house list of projects you can work on together. Invite unchurched people to get involved, too.  Get t-shirts for all the participants and host a celebration party afterwards.

Easter Sunday Program and Gifts

As noted above, Easter is already the biggest outreach day of the year. However, you can make it even better by encouraging the whole congregation to come together to hand out invitations to an inspiring Easter sermon and provide free gifts to your neighbors during Holy Week. Your gift can be something as simple as a book, coupons to local businesses or a children’s activity. Involve more members in your outreach efforts and you will see greater the results. Announce your need for help at Sunday services. Inspire your members and show them how meaningful their work will be to the community. You can canvas the neighborhood with door hangers, mail out postcards, have guests hand out invite cards and more. Don’t forget to ask them to share their own spring church event ideas.

End-of-the-School-Year Ice Cream Social

By May, the kids in your community get excited about the last day of school. Help them celebrate with a big party. Gather together a variety of ice cream flavors, fresh fruits and toppings. Get a few volunteers to supervise and let the children build their own sundaes. Add in fun games and crafts and the kids will have a blast. This is also a perfect time to let parents know if you have any bible camps or summer activities planned, so be sure to have flyers ready to go the day of the party.

With a little creativity and planning, the spring season can be a real time of growth for your church even outside of Easter! Start planning with these spring church event ideas now and promote your events early and often. Remember, your church has a powerful message to offer your community, so get out there and share it!