church door hanger outreach

A Quickstart Guide for Creating a Church Door Hanger Outreach Campaign

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to broaden your church’s integrated marketing strategy is to start a church door hanger outreach. Paired with direct mail, outdoor banners, social media and other tools, door hangers offer a budget-friendly way to get your church front and center in your neighborhood. This Quickstart Guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need. Get started today! Launch a church door hanger outreach that gets you noticed and brings in new visitors!

Why Use Door Hangers?

  • They connect with your audience right at their own front door—a place we all have to pass through to get home each day.
  • They’re unobtrusive—you don’t have to knock on the door and interrupt anyone’s day to share your message (which can sometimes create frustration or negative feelings).
  • Their size allows enough room for an invitation, an address and even a map.
  • They get your members involved and vested.
  • They can match any event or campaign

Launching Your Church Door Hanger Outreach Campaign

Because the door hanger itself is the main focal point, it makes sense to spend a good portion of your time in creating a well-designed, well-written piece. These steps will get you started!

  1. Determine your purpose. Don’t try to to make your DoorHanger do it all. Pick a specific event to highlight, or share special information about your church. Don’t lose your message by making it too crowded.
  2. Design your DoorHanger. Choose a design that fits your event or the style of your church. Make sure it looks professional and gets your message across in an exciting way.
  3. Decide whether you want to print professionally or use a printer. Remember that DIY printing will require ink and good paper to ensure that the end result looks nice. Weigh the costs of the two methods before committing and err on the side of professionalism. This may be the recipient’s first connection with your church.
  4. Pick a workable number. Unless your invite is a general “welcome to church”, you want to plan to order a reasonable amount. This way, you know your congregation can them hand out and you don’t waste any.
  5. Be sure to include all important information. Your door hanger should have your church address, phone number, website and information on your event or ministry.
  6. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. If you didn’t attend church regularly, what would motivate you to visit? Make sure you consider your content from the perspective of an unchurched person. Remember that topics such as faith can often be stressful or intimidating. Make your content welcoming and gentle so they feel good about visiting your church.

Canvassing Your Neighborhoods

Starting a church Door Hanger outreach in the community is definitely a group project. The more people you have involved, the faster it will go—and the more fun it will be! Here are a few quick steps for gathering and deploying an enthusiastic team of determined canvassers.

  1. Display a community map in your lobby with highlighters and a sign-up sheet. Ask everyone to ‘adopt’ a neighborhood from the map. Have them volunteer to distribute the DoorHangers in that area by a particular date.
  2. Ask members to meet at your building on a Saturday morning and then fan out and distribute the doorhangers and pray for the people in each neighborhood. Come back to the church for a big BBQ lunch and celebration afterwards.
  3. Ask your small groups, youth group and Sunday school classes to participate. Ask each one to pick a day and put their faith into action by passing out invitations instead of meeting to study.
  4. Place a few door hangers in the weekly bulletin and at your information center. This makes it easy for families to share your message or invitation in their neighborhoods.

In conclusion, a church door hanger outreach a great addition to your church’s marketing strategy. With a well-designed DoorHanger, an enthusiastic group of volunteers and a little footwork, you can be well on your way to inviting your neighborhood to come and get to know you!