Using Social Media for Easter Church Marketing

Easy Ways to Use Social Media for Your Easter Outreach

Easter is nearly here and using social media platforms to market church Easter events online is now a necessity to invite your community to church. You’ve probably already sent direct mail postcards, handed out invite cards and encouraged your members to welcome their friends and neighbors. But social media can expand your marketing efforts and help you share your upcoming Easter services with even more people. Not only that, it gives your members even more ways to become inviters.

Sharing Your Events on Facebook

Facebook is the largest, most diverse social media platform around, which makes it an excellent place to reach the most people with your Easter activities. Here’s how to use it to help your church:

  1. Update your church Facebook page with an Easter-themed cover photo and make sure all of your important information is up to date. This will help visitors know your location, phone number and service times.
  2. Create an Easter event (or multiple events) and share it on your page with the dates, times, activities and photos. Invite all of your fans to RSVP and share the event on their own pages. Remind them to share during the pre-sermon announcements.
  3. Create a Facebook “series” or story. Use engaging imagery, inspiring scripture and video to tell the story of the final days of Christ’s life before His death and resurrection over a series of posts in the days leading up to Easter.
  4. Post engaging questions that get your followers to share, such as: What does Easter mean to you? What is your most meaningful Easter memory? How does your family worship on Easter Sunday?

Using Twitter for Easter Outreach

Because of its limited character count, your approach to sharing events on Twitter will be different than Facebook. You want your tweets short, sweet and shareable with Easter-themed hashtags such as #EasterAtEastChurch, #ServiceAtSpringHill. Most users check their Twitter feed at least once a day, scanning it for news and updates in their circle. Make sure your event stands out and can be read quickly. Here are a few more tips:

  1. Like Facebook, update your page photo with an Easter theme. It’s best if it coordinates with your church website and your Facebook page.
  2. Share images with your event tweets. They get 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets than tweets alone.
  3. Create a series of tweets the week before the event. Try to tweet three times a day to build excitement.
  4. Know anyone in the media? Ask them to help you promote the event on their huge network—their followers will now see your tweet!
  5. Have someone live-tweet during the event to share the fun with your fans and encourage any last-minute attendees to come along.

Tell a Visual Story with Instagram

Instagram is super popular with millennials and offers a creative way to market your upcoming Easter events and share photos of the event once it happens. Not only can it help you generate interest, you’ll also get to show people pictures of what events at your church are like, which will help with attendance at future activities. Other tips for making Instagram work for you:

  1. Create visual graphics with the date and time of the event. Put out a call for artistic volunteers who can make your images look beautiful and professional.
  2. Post cliffhanger graphics with messages like “Coming soon!” or “It’s almost here!” to build up the anticipation.
  3. Create Instagram stories. Share behind-the-scenes preparation of the event, sneak peeks of your volunteers hiding Easter eggs or decorating, or personal videos of your staff and volunteers sharing what Easter means to them.
  4. Share photos of highlights of the events. Use only the best quality images that reflect the spirit of the event. Do not post entire albums of photos. You don’t want to overload your followers, you want to tell the story of your event.

As you can see, social media provides you a lot of freedom to market church Easter events online and welcome families in your community to join you. Whether you choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any combination of the three, you’ll be able to share your message with lots of people quickly and easily with these helpful social media tools.