Don’t Lose that Loving Feeling: 4 Ideas for Your Church Marriage Ministry

Don’t Lose that Loving Feeling: 4 Ideas for Your Church Marriage Ministry

Church marriage ministry is not for the faint of heart! After all, the health, happiness and overall well-being of the entire family hangs in the balance when a marriage is struggling. How can you help couples in your church and community build stronger, God-centered relationships? Here are four church marriage ministry ideas you can start implementing today!

  1. Host a Parents’ Night Out

Time is precious and once kids come along, a lot of parents simply do not have enough of it. Because of these conflicts, date nights go by the wayside as couples struggle to balance their relationship with raising kids. You can help by creating a monthly “Parents’ Night Out” in your church. Parents drop their kids at church for an evening of fun activities like crafts, movies and music. They then head out to enjoy an uninterrupted date night. You’ll need: Volunteers (ask your youth ministry for help), craft items, activity plan and snacks.

  1. Create a Couple’s Library

Create a place in your church where couples can find relationship resources and check them out. It can be as simple as a few bookshelves filled with workbooks, DVDs, books and other tools. Or, create a larger collection you purchase specifically for your marriage ministry. Choose a variety of resources that tackle topics such as strengthening marriage, surviving infidelity, finances and other common challenges. Attach a pocket to the inside cover and slip in a business card for whoever handles counseling in your ministry. This will give couples a person to call if needed. You’ll need: Books, bookshelves, business cards.

  1. Host a Church Date Night

Give couples a place to go that won’t break their budget by hosting a romantic date night at church! There are tons of options to choose from! Screen a romantic film, host an inspiring speaker, or feature a comedian. Whatever you choose, make it fun! It can be made even more special by providing a meal beforehand and dressing up your dining area with candlelight and music. Providing onsite childcare will make it even easier for couples to attend and focus totally on each other. You’ll need: Volunteers, decor, food, movie license or talent, music.

  1. Offer Couples Mentoring

You probably have a great pre-marital counseling program, but have you considered couples’ mentoring? Pair engaged couples and newlyweds with older couples in your church who have strong, time-tested marriages. Through activities such as dinners or casual coffee dates, new couples can gain insight into what makes a marriage work. They can also learn how to overcome challenges and create a lasting partnership. You’ll need: Volunteer couples with a heart for helping others.

Nurture Strong Relationships through Your Church Marriage Ministry

In closing, marriage is a gift from God, but that does not mean it comes without its challenges. Start developing a positive and supportive marriage outreach in your church. You’ll be an ally in helping couples turn toward God! As a result, they will nurture stronger relationships that can endure for a lifetime.