church movie night

Why Host a Church Movie Night?

Drawing unchurched visitors into your church can be a challenge. Many people who do not normally attend church can struggle with concerns about heavy proselytizing or have other negative perceptions about religion that prevent them from coming to regular services. The key to overcoming these issues lies in inviting community members to pressure-free events that allow them to get to know you and allow you to banish their preconceived ideas about church. One of the most successful events you can host to boost your attendance and membership is a church movie night. Here are just a few of the great reasons to host a community movie night in your church!

Church Movie Nights Allow Guests to Get to Know You Without Pressure

Inviting your community to casual events like church movie nights allows your guests to learn about you in an environment that doesn’t make them feel pressured to commit. As a result, they can get a feel for your members, maybe make a few new friends, learn a little about your church culture, all without the worry that someone will pressure them or make them feel uncomfortable. It’s fun and carefree and it’s a great way to gently create connections!

A Church Movie Night Connects People through the Power of Story

Why does film overcome obstacles in a way that other events can’t? The answer is simple. Storytelling. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we have today for reaching our communities. More than a collection of words or a parade of sentences, a story communicates beyond the head and finds home in the heart. A story connects us to a truth that is inescapable, an emotion that is undeniable and an experience that is unforgettable.

Movies Transcend All Cultural, Educational and Economic Barriers

Before film, or even the written word, lessons of life, faith and morality were passed from generation to generation through exciting, inspiring stories. They were, and still are, a universal teaching tool! Jesus Christ taught his followers through parables because He understood that storytelling can engage people of every walk of life, at every level of education, wealth, or age. Today, that same storytelling is accomplished through movies. Through film, complex ideas can be broken down into understandable messages that inspire “a-ha!” moments for the viewer as they relate the stories on screen to challenges in their own lives. In short, films are modern day parables that are applicable to—and accessible by—everyone.

You Can Find a Film for Every Moment

Are you hoping to lift up marriage in your community with a special church movie date night? Help the unchurched find hope in Christ’s love? Show children the power of faith? Today, churches have access to beautiful, Christian-friendly films with great production values, A-list stars, and positive messages of faith, hope and love. The last two decades have seen amazing strides in high-quality, exciting movies that appeal to Christian and secular audiences alike. This creates opportunities for you to connect, teach and unify your community no matter the theme!

In conclusion, there’s no denying that movies have the power to impact people with messages of hope and truth. Hosting a church movie night allows you to connect in a way that is flexible, unique, fun and pressure-free. The emotional, carefully crafted stories told by film reach your audience with lasting impact. They foster a new understanding of concepts they may have never considered or understood before. A church movie night allows your visitors to get to know you, your members and your message. And, more importantly, it will help them to get to know Christ, the greatest gift of all.

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