Summer Movie Nights

Beating the Ministry Summer Slump: Free Summer Movie Nights eBook

Maintaining attendance during the summer is a common problem for many pastors. Families are busy with vacations and other activities and it can be difficult to keep them plugged in. How do you compete? Summer movie nights can be the perfect way to bust the summer slump many churches experience between May and September. It’s a fun, laid-back event that encourages¬†people to come to your church and have a good time together outside of regular services – and it can actually boost Sunday attendance. As an added bonus, it gives your members a no-pressure event that they can feel comfortable inviting unchurched friends and family members to attend. The easiest event to host? A summer movie night!

Download Your Free Summer Movie Nights Ministry eBook

We’ve compiled our best summer movie night tips and ideas into a handy eBook. Learn why movie nights are so helpful, get inspired with cool theme ideas, find tips for making it successful and more. Download your summer movie night eBook here