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Ten Reasons Why Direct Mail Is A Great Tool For Your Church Outreach

What’s the most powerful, cost-effective way to connect with your community? The answer may surprise you. Despite all the new methods in marketing (email, social media and web ads), direct mail remains a tool that consistently outperforms most other types of advertising. And it far outpaces them in value for your spend.

Want proof? Check out these ten great reasons why direct mail is a powerful, cost-effective outreach tool:

  1. Broader Ministry Outreach

It can be difficult to know which television shows, social media channels and radio stations will reach your desired audience. What can you count on to be delivered to nearly everyone in the country, Monday through Saturday? Mail. Physical mail has what marketers call a “near 100% saturation rate.” This means that there are very few people who never get a letter, bill, flyer, or catalog. As a result, mail reaches everyone in your community, which means your church direct mail postcard reaches everyone, too.

  1. Wise Financial Stewardship

Direct mail costs significantly less than other forms of advertising while still allowing massive outreach. It lets you choose a specific audience, target a specific number of recipients, and guarantees that your message gets in their hands. You have full control over the budget and can scale your mailing accordingly. Direct mail is affordable and is a great way to stretch your outreach dollars.

  1. Maximizes Ministry Impact through Design and Messaging

Your direct mail postcard sets you apart and captures people’s attention in two ways: An eye-catching design that makes it stand out in the mailbox and a customized message that gets straight to the point. Get people excited to visit your church by impressing your reader with beautiful, thoughtful design and artwork! Combined, design and messaging create a powerful connection with the recipient.

  1. Customizable and Unique

You are in control of your mail piece. You create everything from the chosen event you highlight, to the call to action. With direct mail, you can craft a specific message promoting all your Holy Week events or just share your Easter Sunday services. Show off your church’s unique culture and interesting features and include your logo, contact information, address and pictures.

  1. A Multipurpose Medium

Direct mail doesn’t just let people know your church is out there. It also allows you to give them a reason to visit. Make your mail do double duty by including a promotional offer with your message. Invite people to bring in their postcard and exchange it for a free gift book. This not only encourages people to visit, it allows you to see the impact of your postcard campaign!

  1. Target a Well-Defined Audience

Direct mail takes the guessing game out of finding who you want to contact. Through ZIP code targeting and other data provided by your mailing partner, you can reach a very specific audience in a set location. This allows you to find the people closest to your church and encourage them to visit. Social media and web advertising won’t be able to help you reach every person who lives close to your church or those who don’t use a computer. Because of this, it also won’t provide the close, specific geo-targeting you need.

  1. A Competitive Advantage

People encounter visual media all day long. Statistics say that the average person will view over 4,000 advertising messages every single day. That’s a lot of information to process—and a lot that gets ignored. Direct mail, however, has extremely limited competition. People only receive a maximum of 10-15 pieces of mail per day and those pieces won’t all be church mailers. Your church direct mail postcard will stand out amongst the bills and grocery circulars. As a result, you will be noticed far more easily than you will while competing with those other 4,000 messages.

  1. A Tangible, Lasting Reminder

Most of today’s media messages are taken in at a glance and quickly forgotten. Remember that 4,000 advertising messages statistic? Imagine trying to remember a web ad you briefly noticed while online. Then try to remember and find the business it was associated with. Direct mail has a tendency to stick around because it’s a physical reminder—especially when coupled with an eye-catching design and encouraging messages. Include your website and service times, and your card may end up occupying a prominent place on the family bulletin board!

  1. Works Well with Other Tools

Direct mail is a great way to build an integrated campaign for your outreach events. Through thoughtful, cohesive design, create a powerful look and feel and apply it to banners, posters, thank you cards, church decor, bulletins, and more! Your guests will love the approach and your church will look organized and professional.

  1. Trackable Results

With direct mail, you know exactly how many people receive the message, the cost per piece, and the target neighborhoods. You can test different messages, different offers, and experiment with a host of other ideas to find out which method works best for your church. Because you can see results, you can constantly hone your approach, maximizing your precious ministry dollars to do the most good.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Direct Mail

When planning your next event, consider the many benefits direct mail can offer your church. This cost effective method is a trackable, competitive tool that will help your church reach more people with your message and bring in new visitors.