Direct Mail Church Marketing: 8 Seconds to Impress Your Audience

Did you know you have only eight seconds to snag the attention of people you are trying to reach? This “eight-second rule” is an old insider advertising tip that applies to church marketing, too. Doesn’t seem like much time, does it? Just a mere eight seconds to create awareness around your purpose and influence your audience to do what you want them to do—like come visit your church. In a recent article, “Effective Church Marketing: Using Awareness and Experience to Get Results”, we discussed the importance of a church marketing strategy in attracting new members and getting them to visit, including the tools you need to do it. Today, we’re discussing one of the best tools, direct mail church marketing. Let’s take a look at why it’s important to an integrated, multi-channel approach to marketing your church. 

The Power of Direct Mail Church Marketing

We’ve talked about the Rule of 7 before—that it takes seven separate engagements with a potential visitor before they will finally do what you are asking of them. And now that you also know you only have eight seconds to do it, what’s the best way to get started? One way to reach your audience and capture their (short) attention span, is through a postcard – which is the ideal tool for direct mail church marketing.

Why do postcards and direct mail work so well for churches? Well, here are a few stats you may not know about the effectiveness of direct mail:

  • People read postcards in greater numbers with a 3.9% year-over-year increase. (Source)
  • 98% of people check their mail daily. (Source)
  • According to the USPS, 77% of recipients sort through their mail immediately. (Source)
  • Consumers spend an average of 30 minutes reading their mail. (Source)

Did you catch that last stat? Thirty minutes! In a world where you only have eight seconds to catch someone’s attention, 30 minutes is practically a lifetime your piece will spend in the hands of your potential visitors.

Direct Mail Church Marketing Best Practices

Now that you know the power of direct mail church marketing, what strategies can you implement to make your mailing effective in creating awareness around your church? Here are a few tips pulled from our expert designers at Outreach, Inc.

  • Make your piece eye-catching and bright. You want to stand out in the mailbox, so make your postcards vibrant. Choose oversized pieces that take up space and force your recipient to look at them.
  • Make your piece organized and professional. Your information should look neat and orderly on both sides of the postcard. Use big headlines to grab attention and guide the reader through the piece. Spellcheck, grammar check. And then do it again.
  • Give them the information they need to do what you want them to do. Whether you’re hosting an event or simply inviting them to Sunday service, your visitors need key information! Provide a map, service times, any instructions for parking or getting to the location, important dates, your website and any other helpful info (remember Tip 2 and keep it neat).
  • Offer them something special. Just like a business, you’re more likely to generate interest if you include an offer. Churches can offer free gifts such as books, small gift cards for coffee or coupons to the church bookshop (if you have one), etc.
  • Share the benefits. You know why your church is special. You know why a relationship with God is so meaningful. Share a hint of that on your card. And include the positive things church has to offer such as childcare, couples’ groups, youth groups or other great benefits.

Above all, remember that direct mail church marketing is just one part of your integrated, multi-channel approach to building your membership and sharing the Gospel. With only eight seconds to grab the attention of your audience, it’s a great first touch point you can support with other great tools such as doorhangers, invite cards, social media and more. In no time, you’ll begin seeing the rewards for your efforts—more visitors to your church and more hearts won for Christ!

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