Attract Visitors with Outdoor Church Signs

Creating Awareness and Attracting Visitors with Outdoor Church Signs

When it comes to marketing your church, you never want to put all of your outreach eggs into a single tactical basket. That’s why an integrated, multi-channel marketing approach is the key to ensuring that your efforts (and ministry dollars) result in success. In recent articles, we’ve discussed the importance of building awareness around your church and how tools such as direct mail and social media can be used to accomplish that. But there is another tool that provides you with one of the easiest ways to connect with potential visitors: outdoor church signs.

Outdoor Church Signs and the Rule of Seven

Outdoor church signs consist of banners, yard signs, directional signs, flag banners and any other signage used outside to attract and direct your visitors. They are a great addition to your multi-channel church marketing approach. They are also a key touchpoint in leveraging the Rule of Seven to your advantage.

Remember, the Rule of Seven states that is takes seven connections with your audience to influence them to make a decision about your offering. We’ve written before that those connections are not as simple as hollering the same message over and over. You have to distribute your message across multiple channels, including ones like outdoor signage.

Why is outdoor signage such a great tool?

  1. Outdoor church signs are super easy to use. Simply order the banners you want from your vendor, install them and let them do their job! You can even add them to permanent, monument-type signs. (Here are some examples from Outreach)
  2. They’re also affordable. If you invest in quality, you will get a lot of use out of them for your spend. General banners can even be used year-after-year for annual events or between events.
  3. They’re hard at work—even when you’re not. A banner hooked to the side of your church works 24/7 to inform and attract passing traffic. Share important stats like sermon times and your church website. Make it easy for your potential visitor to know where to go and what to do.
  4. Outdoor church signs attract attention! Brightly colored flag banners, well-designed over-sized banners, snappy little yard signs … Each of these command a glance, at least,  from those who drive or walk past your church. Design them right (since you only have eight seconds to get your point across), and passersby will be equipped with the information they need.
  5. Signage makes your church look welcoming and friendly. Outdoor church signs show people in your community that you want them around, that you’re there for them. When you advertise your service times and upcoming events, you’re essentially shouting, “Come on in! We want to meet you!”

Keys to Making Outdoor Signage Work for You

Like every other marketing tool, there are a few best practices that will amplify your efforts when using church outdoor signs.

  • Keep your signs consistent with your other tools. If you have a holiday theme with direct mail, doorhangers, invite cards etc., order outdoor banners that have the same theme (look and feel).
  • Keep it simple. We keep harping on the 8-second rule for a reason. Someone driving by doesn’t have time to read an entire bible passage. They can, however, note your service times, short website address or the date of your upcoming church picnic, especially if it’s big and bold and not crowded with other copy.
  • Follow basic design principles. Bold, large text,  a strong call to action and a way to contact someone for more questions. Avoid hard to read color pairings like a yellow background with white font.
  • Avoid imagery or language that might deter unchurched people from visiting. Talking about the blood of Jesus or being filled with the Spirit can be a little disconcerting when taken out of context.


When combined with other marketing efforts such as social media and direct mail, church outdoor signage can help drive awareness around your church and attract new visitors. As part of your multi-channel outreach strategy, this easy, affordable tool can help showcase your church as an inviting place for people in your family to learn about Christ, grow their faith and build a lasting relationship with God.