church yard signs

How Church Yard Signs Can Make Your Ministry More Visible & Bring More Visitors!

Is your ministry using church yard signs to stand out and get noticed in your community? You may think that yard signs are reserved for political campaigns and yard sales—but they are so much more. They have a variety of uses around your church, too! The most important use? Getting people to stop and get to know you.

Yard SignMost people walk or drive by your church with a bit of tunnel vision; they have a destination in mind and their focus is on getting there as quickly as possible. Your church needs to stand out and grab attention, otherwise it will fade into the background as just another building. Outdoor church signs, like yard signs,  give you a chance to show your community what is going on inside the church. This means they are more inclined to stop in for a visit. Here are several ways your ministry can utilize church yard signs to help you get noticed and/or help your visitors once they arrive.

Quick Tip: It’s always best to keep the messaging simple and the letters big!

  1. Outreach Tool

Church yard signs provide you with a visual presence to people who are walking or driving by your church. But you can also use them to go beyond your church’s walkways. Get your members involved in outreach, too. Send them home with yard signs to post at their homes or in their neighborhood. (Make sure you check local sign ordinances first!) Major holidays like Christmas and Easter are perfect events for this type of outreach. If you keep the messaging simple, you can ask members to return the signs and use them again next year.

Quick Tip: If you share a building or meet in a school, you can easily post and remove your yard signs each week.

  1. Location Awareness

If you’ve built a large direct mail, door hanging and social media campaign, yard signs can help visitors find your church once they decided to visit. This saves time and possible frustration. Post signs on the street leading to your church, at entrances and along driveways.

Quick Tip: Use signs to help your guests and current members navigate your church so they can feel like they are in an organized, calm sanctuary.

  1. Welcoming Tool

If you’ve got a larger campus, or multiple entries, using yard signs to welcome and direct visitors can be very helpful. Place them in planters and along pathways to direct parents to children’s areas and to point out the worship center. You can also use them in the parking lot to designate special parking areas or specific buildings on your campus. They make a great backup to your parking attendants and also make your church seem friendlier.

Quick Tip: Keep your message positive and uplifting. This is your chance to be a bright spot in someone’s day.

  1. Inspirational Tool

Yard signs with scripture can also help people prepare their hearts for worship and set an inspirational tone around your building. You never know who might need a boost in their spirit or who may be struggling to even walk through the doors for service. A heartfelt scripture can be just the spark they need to get through the doors and find comfort in the arms of the Lord.

Quick Tip: Always ask permission to display signage on communal property or city/county land.

  1. Beyond the Building

Hopefully your church has a presence away from the building, too. Church yard signs can help point people to your church picnic location, baptism site or water station at community events. You can use them a fair distance from your church (where allowed by law) to direct people if you have a particularly isolated location. If you happen to have any trusted partner organizations, ask to place signage on their property in exchange for handing out flyers or cards for them at your church.

PLUS! Church Yard Signs Reinforce Other Messaging

Studies show that it can take up to 7 impressions before someone responds to a promotion. Although you are a church, use standard business marketing principles! They are fundamental to getting people to make the leap from passerby to visitor (and hopefully, member). Yard signs are a part of an overarching strategy to reinforce your message and get your name out. Therefore, use yard signs with a direct mail invitation, door hanger outreach or other marketing tools so people begin to recognize your church.

As you can see, yard signs are a versatile tool for getting your church to stand out. You never know which person walking or driving by might need your message. Using yard signs is just one more way for you to reach out. Let them know that your church is ready and willing to welcome them with open arms and a loving heart.

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