The Power of A Church Wide Campaign to Engage Connect and Grow

The Power of a Church-wide Campaign to Engage, Connect and Grow Your Ministry

When you want to move your people forward—all in the same direction—a church-wide campaign is the perfect solution. Church-wide campaigns unite your church with a single theme that carries across your sermons and small group studies. Your entire church family will focus on the same spiritual messages for a concentrated period of time.

But church campaigns aren’t just for your current members. A compelling campaign topic is a great attraction tool for the unchurched in your community, too. Once you have invited non-members to join in on Sunday morning, you can encourage them to go deeper in a small group. Here, they can meet and become friends with your members and begin their spiritual journey.

When your church engages in a church-wide campaign, each participant gets to learn new spiritual disciplines on Sunday. They can then discuss them and learn how to apply them during the weekly small group meetings. As all your small groups grow in their knowledge and understanding, your church will experience the power of unified spiritual growth as a congregation. It’s a powerful model that is even outlined by Jesus.

“May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” — John 17:23

What an incredible encouragement to us, to unify the body and have that unity be a testimony to all those around us!

How to do you choose the right campaign for your church? Here are a few tips:

Pick the Right Topic

Pretty obvious, right? Well, maybe not. If you want to use your campaign as a way to reach out to your community, make sure your topic addresses a felt need or a hot topic on everyone’s minds. Topics like marriage, parenting, finances, the purpose of life, and questions about God and the Bible are all things many people can relate to and will find interesting.

Use Good Sermons or Outlines

Almost all church-wide campaign kits come with videos that tie into the sermon topics and small group materials. Often, they come with sermons that are adaptable to your own preaching style and audience. It’s a good idea to use materials that are professional and that fit in with your church’s culture.

Provide Good Small Group Materials

The key to a good small group is a great discussion. If all your small group members do is watch a video, eat the snacks and go home, your groups have failed. You want the small group materials to encourage discussion from even the shyest person. Also, you want the materials to include practical steps or to encourage spiritual disciplines that make members more like Christ. This way, when the study is over, everyone takes a step into a deeper relationship with God.

Offer Invitations and Helpful Planning Materials

Planning a church-wide campaign takes work. You need to spread the word inside and outside the church. You are going to need help from volunteers, small group leaders, and staff members. A good campaign provides templates, social media and web graphics, promotional videos and other resources that your members can use. Adding fun promotional items can also be a great help. They build excitement within the church as your members see t-shirts, wristbands, banners, bulletins and invitations that all go along with your campaign theme. Remember, when your staff and members get excited, more invitations are issued and more small group sign-ups occur—it’s a win-win.

Ready to Launch Your Church-wide Campaign?

Take a look at your church calendar and set aside a time to do a church-wide campaign. It’s worth the effort to raise the excitement and spiritual temperature of your church for a short 4 – 6 week time period. You won’t regret it.