Help Your Church Members Start Sharing Faith Online

Help Your Church Members Start Sharing Their Faith Online

Sharing faith online has become an important part of modern ministry. Unless you’ve managed to exist in complete digital isolation (which is highly unlikely since you’re reading this article), you know that social media is a primary way for people around the world to connect. As a result, it’s breaking down barriers like time and distance, and building up our ability to communicate. That’s something everyone can “like”. Because it’s now such an important part of our culture, it needs to become part of your church’s outreach strategy. After all, you can’t be a “fisher of men” while avoiding the biggest pond on the planet! Millions of people use social media every single day. This gives your church an opportunity to minister like never before.

So, here are three great social media platforms you can use to help your church share the Word…

Sharing Faith Online with FACEBOOK

This social media powerhouse turns 13 in 2017 and is still proudly dominating every other platform available. Everyone and their grandma has a Facebook page these days and that is not an exaggeration. It’s used by all age demographics and over 81% of adult Americans. With that knowledge, it’s safe to say that if your church is not using it, you’re missing out on chances to minister to people exactly where they are. And that means that they are missing out on a chance to discover the truth of the Gospel.

Be sure to post daily, with content such as:

  • Photos of your church events! Highlight all the great work & events you church has and encourage your members to share their favorites with their FB friends.
  • Shareable/loveable content: Inspiring quotes, meaningful scripture & compelling concepts
  • Create Facebook Events for your church’s events
  • Facebook Live mini short videos live from your events or a mini uplifting word for the day
  • Your weekly Sunday sermon—full-length either with Facebook Live or a video

Sharing Faith Online with INSTAGRAM

Photos only, please! If Facebook is all about the conversation, then Instagram is all about the visuals. This 500-million-strong social media platform is a world-wide photo album that’s selfie-certified for today’s young adults and Millennials (and healthy segment of those 35+, too). Therefore, this is a great opportunity to engage in faith conversations with your members and community and to give them ways to reach out to others. So, what should you share on Instagram?

  • Short sermon clips that share positive, powerful messages
  • 1-2 meaningful pictures of your events—pick your best because again it’s all about visuals
  • Inspiring graphics: Inspiring quotes, meaningful scripture & compelling concepts
  • Graphic event reminders or announcements: See you at church! Sunday @ 9:00am!
  • Use relevant hashtags (Try to stay under 10– no one likes the hashtag-obsessed)
  • Volunteer recognition w/ tagging. People love social media praise
  • Instagram stories: Share your favorite moments of your day and highlight your church’s events, services and people. Learn more about Instagram stories.

Remember, post at least every other day!

Sharing Faith Online with SNAPCHAT

Snapchat is unique and is the fast-growing social media platform that creates a prime opportunity for you to engage with your younger members and foster a closer relationship. This quick and easy platform is meant to be unscripted, authentic and fun! If you get stuck getting started, ask your local Millennial members for help, they are Snapchat pros. Or, check out this tutorial.

Here are some great snaps you can share:

  • Behind the scenes work on what goes into putting together Sunday service
  • A quick message of daily love, forgiveness, faith..etc
  • Pastor selfies with one of the day’s best Snap filters
  • Reminders about the next few days or that night’s events!
  • Fun snaps of the church staff
  • Introduce new staff members
  • Snaps of events and services

Try to share every other day.

In conclusion, social media is an excellent tool for sharing the hope and Christ’s love with the world around you. Start your digital outreach with a Facebook page, Instagram account or Snapchat account—or even all three. You’ll find countless new opportunities to engage with your community and share the Gospel.