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4 More Tips for Hosting a Successful Church Movie Night

In our previous article, 5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Church Movie Night, we shared multiple ideas for making a memorable evening for guests. Now we’re following up with four more ideas to help you!

A church movie night is an engaging reason to invite your community to church beyond Sunday services. Movies are a universal way to connect with a variety of audiences, making them an excellent church outreach tool! Hosting a regular church movie night is a great, no-pressure way to help your community get to know you. You can create new relationships that can lead to new members, greater attendance numbers, and more. Here are some ways to make your church movie night into a huge success.

Match Your Films to the Season

There are thousands of movies covering every subject imaginable, so your church will never run out of options for hosting a fun or meaningful movie night. Host a heartwarming romantic comedy for Valentine’s Day, pick from a slew of compelling sports movies during football, baseball, or hockey season, share mom-friendly flicks on Mother’s Day and more! Seasonal films work well because your potential audience already has the holiday or event on their minds. This means you have multiple opportunities throughout the year to host a movie night. You’d be hard-pressed not to find a movie to match your chosen theme, so start writing down a list of ideas right now and then select your perfect coordinating film.

Pick Popular Flicks That Draw Crowds

Although you have a ton of great Christian films to choose from these days, you don’t have to stop there! Due to popular demand from more and more families each year, Hollywood has begun to take notice in how they make many of today’s movies. Because of this, there are a variety of blockbuster films that are clean, wholesome and great for everyone. The best part? These films draw big crowds who maybe couldn’t see the movie in theaters, who are looking for a family-friendly night out or who just want to re-watch a favorite flick.

Wholesome secular films also give you a chance to invite unchurched people to see a movie that is less intimidating than movies that have overtly Christian themes. That means you’ll get to meet new people who may not have come to your church before. (Note: The FCC has strict rule regulating showing movies in public places. Learn more about movie licensing.)

Movies are a universal way to connect with a variety of audiences, making them an excellent church outreach tool!

Make It a True Movie Experience

What will make people pick your movie night over a night on the couch? Atmosphere! Play your movie on the biggest screen you have. Be sure to check all your equipment beforehand to avoid any potential mishaps in your audio/video devices. Decorate around the movie’s theme. Provide refreshments. For a large audience, a popcorn machine is easy to operate and affordable to rent, giving your guests a tasty snack and a true cinema experience. You can also create themed refreshments: hot cocoa for Christmas movies, nachos or hot dogs for sports movies, chocolates for romance and more. Remember to think creatively. The more interesting your church movie night is, the more likely people will be to attend.

Share, Share, Share!

If you want a big crowd, you need to spread the word about your movie night. Encourage your members to share the event with family and friends. Give them flyers with the date, time and the movie so they can hand them out. Be sure to note any cool stuff you’re adding to make the event fun, like refreshments, theme and a little synopsis of the film. Don’t forget to harness the power of social media by creating an event on Facebook and inviting your entire church. Make sure they share the movie night on their personal pages as well. Note: Remember to purchase a movie license before you print or advertise your movie night.

Final Thoughts On a Successful Church Movie Night

As we’ve shared before, hosting a church movie night can be a lot of fun! It’s the perfect opportunity to meet your community and create powerful connections in a way that is relaxed and carefree. The key is to be creative and strategic in your planning so that you can make the most of every event.