Finding Christ Through The Shack: One Woman’s Story

A young woman recently shared her thoughts with Outreach on the upcoming movie The Shack and the impact the fictional novel had on her life, as well as her walk with the Lord. This modern-day parable of a man struggling with his relationship with God helped her find the courage to seek out the true answers […]


“We had 107 people for Christmas Eve! We usually run in the high 40’s lower 50’s on a normal Sunday. While families had relatives in from out of town, there were many faces in the crowd no one knew. So, the direct mail postcards did the job!”

— Pastor Boley, Lost Creek UMC, WV


“We use the Flag pole banners to catch the attention of folks as they drive by our building. They are real eye catchers, and since they are interchangeable, and the poles are such good quality, we can change the banners to stay fresh and attentive.”

— Bob M.,  Portland, TN

Church Selfies


“When the mailer hit the homes, our website traffic tripled overnight and this trend has continued since the mailing went out. We also saw 20 first-time visitors at our launch with [and] another 10 coming the second week. I can’t wait to see who the Lord will bring on our third week!”

— Greg S., Christ Community Great Falls, Great Falls, MT

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