The Power Of Planning Early For Your Fall Outreach At Church

It’s never too early to plan, but it can often be too late if you truly want to be as effective as possible in your fall church outreach. In a recent survey conducted by Ryan Wakefield of Church Marketing University, over 69% of growing churches reported that they are planning their church calendar out by […]

Launching Well: 5 Helpful Tips for Church Planting

Without a doubt, much prayer and energy is invested in church planting. Church planting pastors are pulled in many directions, while juggling a variety of responsibilities. And all this with a limited amount of time. As church planters, we are seeking to honor God as we embrace this great challenge to which He has called […]

How to Prepare Your Church Easter Celebration – Part 1: Spiritual Preparation

How to Prepare Your Church Easter Celebration

As I was preparing for my third church Easter celebration as a lead pastor, I remember wrestling with the desire to make Easter fresh for those who attended our church. Many of them had been following Jesus and attending church for more years than I had even been alive. How could Easter capture them in […]

Church Planter Advice: 3 Ways to Experience the Blessing of Letting Go

Church Planter Advice: 3 Ways to Experience the Blessing of Letting Go

As pastoral leaders, we’ve all struggled at one time or another—and it’s my hope you can use the church planter advice I am about to share.   We are all passionate about the God’s call in our lives. The responsibility of that call is heavy. Not necessarily in a burdensome way, but in a very […]

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