5 Great Ways to Use Church Invite Cards

One of the most effective ways you can support your members in their personal outreach is to provide them with easy, affordable church invite cards. If you’re like most churches today, you are probably working constantly to find innovative ways to bring in new visitors and introduce them to the truth and hope of the Gospel. Because growing your congregation can be a long process, it helps to have the right tools for the job! Now, it’s highly likely that you have encouraged your members to invite their friends and family members to services. Church invite cards are another way to help them do it.

What Are Church Invite Cards?

Invite cards are small cards with your church’s information, a welcoming message and friendly imagery that your members can use to ask their friends and family to come visit your church. Church invite cardsYou can make them as small as a business card (so they fit in a wallet), or slightly bigger, if you need more information. You can customize the cards to have to exact information you want and design them to match the general style of your church. And, you can get a lot of cards on a small budget, which means lots of opportunities to expand your outreach without breaking the bank.

How to Use Your Cards

Excited to get started? Here are five great ways to use InviteCards in your church:

  1. Use Church Invite Cards at your information table/center. Create an InviteCard for every ministry in your church. This allows your members to select the cards they know their friends and family will appreciate most. Visitors can also take cards for themselves or to share with people they think might be interested.
  1. Use InviteCards to encourage small group sign-ups. Print cards for each of your small groups. Encourage leaders and members to give them to friends and family. For example, moms can share the church’s preschool group with their friends. Or, your men’s bible study can reach out to guys in their social sphere. Remember, invite cards can also foster participation within the congregation, not just new people!
  1. Tuck cards into your Sunday bulletin. Another idea is to use invite cards to promote upcoming events like a church movie night. Or, create cards to share a special sermon series. Your members can give the cards to people they know to encourage them to check out your church.
  1. Use cards to empower your members with a pay-it-forward evangelism card. Give members a card with church information they can share whenever they experience, perform, or pay forward acts of kindness. 
  1. Post on bulletin boards at local businesses. Many businesses, supermarkets and restaurants allow local churches and nonprofits to share flyers and cards on their public bulletin board. Because of space limitations and other rules, it’s important to always ask permission first.


Remember, one of the greatest resources for growing your membership is your congregation. Encourage them to share your church with everyone they know and invite people to visit! Providing them with tools such as church invite cards will make it easy for them to minister to their friends and family. As a result, they’ll have a handy way to welcome them to your events, sermons and special sermon series. The more people who visit, the more opportunity you’ll have to help others find the hope of Christ’s love.