3 Secrets to Effective Church Marketing (Part 1 of 3)

If you’re seeking new ways to add members to your church, effective church marketing is a powerful tool for helping your ministry succeed! Marketing is a word that churches often shy away from. That’s largely because they don’t wish to be seen as “selling” religion. However, marketing in the context of faith is merely showing people your church exists and that you’re available to them whenever they may need you.

  • Marketing is a tool to get them in the door.
  • Faith is a choice people will make later on down the road through education, worship, and connecting with God.

When you “advertise” your church, you are offering them a place to explore a need they already have, not selling them something they do not want. This resource will equip you with the tips you need to create an effective, successful ministry marketing plan that will help you increase visitors and add new members to your church.

Why Market Your Church?

More than 80% of churches are in decline or plateauing in membership. Ministry is not just about nurturing the faith of your existing members. It also means seeking out the unchurched and helping them find their way to Christ. But how can they find you if you don’t tell them where you are? Simply having a building to worship in is not enough—not in today’s busy culture! In Mark 16:15, Jesus calls his disciples to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” When you mail a postcard, put up a sign, send your members out with invite cards or door hangers, you are spreading the gospel to your community. As a result, you are gently sowing seeds of hope that will someday come to fruition as new members in your church who have committed their lives to Christ.

Secret One for Effective Church Marketing: Build a Dynamic Ministry Marketing Team

No single person can take on the huge task of church marketing alone. If you try, you’ll find yourself frustrated, not to mention exhausted. Fortunately, your church is filled with members eager to serve Christ by supporting your ministry outreach with their unique skills and talents.

Here are tips for gathering and motivating an outstanding ministry marketing team:
  1. Cast the vision and call for volunteers from your congregation at the beginning or end of service. Always make sure your presentation on expanding your church’s ministry outreach strategy is exciting and fun. Help interested members understand they will be a vital part of ministering to to the unchurched and helping them discover and build a relationship with Christ. Because they understand the importance of effective church marketing, they are far more likely to stick with it!
  2. Hand out a simple questionnaire to your volunteers. Here are a few sample questions to ask: How many hours would you like to commit to this project? What are your unique strengths and skills? What is the best way to motivate you and reward you for a job well done? These questions give you an understanding of each volunteer’s limitations. And, you’ll also learn the skills they can contribute and insight into motivating and rewarding them for their time. This will help you balance expectations, manage time, and avoid burning out your team.
  3. Praise and thank your team as often as possible. This is the key to a successful strategy and to retaining your volunteers. Volunteering is a lot of work that many people do in addition to their jobs and family needs. Motivate your team by showing them that their time is making a difference. Share updates about your efforts at the beginning of service to inform other members and get them inspired to get involved as well. Remember, always thank your volunteers in bulletins and in person and compliment their work often. You’ll be amazed by how valuable a simple thank you can be in inspiring your volunteers!

Continued in Part Two…

Feel like you’ve got a good grasp on why you need effective church marketing and how to build a dynamic ministry team? Our next article will show you how to Create a Ministry Marketing Plan that helps you get results. Read Part 2